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 मिस्टर लिंच 

 (उर्फ क्रिस्टोफर एम. लिंच)

  बी. 1975   D. अभी तक नहीं

मैं न्यूयॉर्क स्थित एक निर्देशक और फोटोग्राफर हूं, जो चरित्र संचालित कथा में माहिर हैं। दुनिया की कुछ शीर्ष विज्ञापन एजेंसियों में काम करने का मेरा अनुभव मुझे एजेंसी रचनात्मक और रणनीतिक उत्पादन भागीदार का एक अनूठा मिश्रण बनाता है।  मैं वास्तविक और असली को मिलाकर कलात्मक दृश्य बनाने की क्षमता पर गर्व करता हूं। मुझे रोजमर्रा की स्थिति को कुछ ऐसा बनाना पसंद है जो दर्शकों को रोक दे, उन्हें जीवन में उनके सभी निर्णयों पर सवाल उठाए, और उन्हें आपके उत्पाद का उपयोग करने के लिए प्रेरित करे  (जीत, जीत!)


चलिए ऐसे विज्ञापन बनाते हैं जो मज़ेदार हों, स्किप करने योग्य नहीं!

आइए रॉक एंड रोल करें,


My career started when I convinced my High School Principal to allow me to turn a janitors closet into my darkroom. There I taught myself how to develop and print film. Shortly thereafter I got the opportunity to photograph a local band, started my first company, and this put me on the path to photographing some of the largest most influential rock and rollers likes of David Bowie, REM, The Grateful Dead, Henry Rollins, The Violent Femmes, and more – oh the stories.  My work has gained me acceptance in the Native community and their Pow Wows, Bike Week culture, and even into the Vatican to photograph Pope John Paul II.  I take great pride in saying all of this I accomplished before I was 21. These experiences and resulting portfolio caught the eye of one of the top ad agencies in the world, Young & Rubicam NY. They asked me to head up the creation of their first in house digital photo studio for their Worldwide HQ. It was here I had the opportunity to collaborate and learn from the top creative talent in the industry. Now, I have been primarily shooting, Directing, and running my production company from my Worldwide HQ in West Chelsea. I have a sweet innovation lab of a production office and 3 studios we can shoot in. I have a full production team in house handle both Pre and Post for a selection of our projects, but with our larger projects I have production support with both East Coast and West Coast Production Houses. There’s still more about me I’d love to share, but let's save that for a time we can meet in person. But for fun, here are a few random fun facts about me: • I was a professional breakdancer at the age of 7, my name was Slither, and I still have my red satin jacket to prove it • I was a sponsored competitive cyclist by 16 • I (somewhat mistakenly on purpose) ended up in a receiving line of National Dignitaries to be introduced to Prince Harry on a Royal Visit to the US. • I’ve run the New York City Marathon, been to Mount Everest and most importantly I love Van Leeuwen Earl Grey Ice cream




 मिस्टर लिंच WW HQ 

526 डब्ल्यू. 26वीं स्ट्रीट - सुइट 1022 ½ 




(ऑपरेटर खड़े हैं)



(कृपया ध्यान दें कि हम अब  नहीं हैंस्वीकार करना

वाहक कबूतर के माध्यम से संदेश)

 Our Primary Studio

 हमारा प्रोडक्शन ऑफिस और इनोवेशन लैब 

Mister Lynch Production Office.JPG



 1800 वर्ग फीट  साउथ ईस्ट फेसिंग डेलाइट स्टूडियो  

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