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"We All See Differently" is an artwork of the blind and for the blind. I propose creating a three dimensional topographical map of my subjects face from layered acrylic. This three dimensional sculpture will be layered over a two dimensional portrait of the subjects face, thus creating an artwork that can be experienced by the seeing and visually impaired.


Original Image

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 9.44.43 AM.png

Layered: Portrait &  FaceMap


FaceMap File


Conceptual Rendering

We All See Differently was born from constantly being in contact with blindness. Wait, let me step back a bit, I work in and around Chelsea, and each day I would head to studio I was coming in contact with many visually impaired citizens of New York.  As a visual artist, it became claustrophobic in a way, to see day in and day out, people who couldn’t see. It made me question, "what would I do if I lost my sight" and the answer would be, do the best I can to continue my art and share MY vision with others. Until then, this will be the way i will be able to share my vision with the visually impaired.


The exhibition will be a 5 part experience. Stemming from a photographic series, which will be layered with a 3 dimensional reedition of the subject on top of the portrait. Each Artwork will be larger than life, approximately 4ft x 6ft and will extend from the wall by 1-2ft. Each piece will be accompanied with an audio recording from the subject talking about their experiences of living without sight.


The Exhibition design will be spectacular when viewed and experiencing. On first view all large-scale pieces are featured in a large black room with spot lights on each. But when the viewer approaches the artwork and steps close to the piece, the lighting will turn off leaving them in complete darkness forcing them to explore the 3rd dimension of the artwork with their hands. Each face will be done in a proprietary melding of photo and sculpture i call Photographic Cartography.

I have developed a unique method of making a still photograph emerge from the flat surface. With detailed measurements of the subject’s face, the use of use of mapmaker techniques, and plexiglass I transform the subjects face into a mountain. The end result is a Cartographic Portrait, that both visual impaired and seeing attendees can experience.


My intention for this exhibition is to provide a platform for people to experience something they might have no idea about or would never have the opportunity to understand what it is like to be blind. I would look to hold a talks and workshops inviting local organizations, businesses, and citizens to help educate them on blindness and the visually impaired. Ideally it would be a traveling exhibition that would share the message with other parts of the US and worldwide.


The audience for this experience is the community as a whole. The artwork is a medium to engage the viewer to educate them on visual impairment and learning to see differently.


We All See Differently has been an idea, a vision, a sketch, a prototype but has yet to become a series for public exhibition. Last year I was awarded an artists residency at The Museum of Arts and Design, and would like to follow that with the realization of this vision. I think it is a strong and important visual message to get out into the world


VIA EMAIL or call us directly 212-287-1248

Thank you very much for your time and consideration of this project

MISTER LYNCH/ Christopher Lynch

Founder & Creative Director

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