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The SUMO CONTACT SHEET™ is a MISTER LYNCH exclusive release featuring entire rolls from photographic sessions with rock royalty, historical figures, and cultural significance. The inaugural release come from THE ARCHIVE COLLECTION series THE NOISEMAKERS and a shoot he did with David Bowie during his US Tour for the OUTSIDE album.


Future releases will include: The Grateful Dead, REM, Blues Traveler, Ziggy Marley , Glen Hansard, and more.

Other releases will include work from LYNCH's time working in the Vatican with Pope John Paul II, his travels

around Italy, and other parts of the world.

The SUMO CONTACT SHEET™ is being released as Limited Edition artworks in both 44x60in (ed. 30) and 16x20in (ed. 50) each artwork with one of a kind hand drawn markings indicating the select images, as well as any edit notes. These 3-dimensional markings add an authentic aesthetic to each work of art.  Artworks can be purchased as prints but can also be purchased as framed works. Each comes with a  certificate of authenticity with a unique serial number that is entered into THE ARCHIVE COLLECTIONS records

Prices for SUMO CONTACT SHEETS are $1500 [16x20 inch print] and $5000 [44x60 inch print]


More details and options for purchase can be found at  < THE ARCHIVE COLLECTION > website

MISTER LYNCH seen here creating unique selection markings on a collectors print

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