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I first became interested with native culture in the beginning of college. I found out there was a pow wow happening on the upcoming weekend, so i reached out to the organizer, who granted me access to set up my studio alongside the dance circle. Over the past 30 years, i have been welcomed to set up my location studio and have been fortunate to have photographed at nearly 100 other dancers in their traditional regalia.


As some might know, the Lenape were the original settlers of Manhatta or "hilly island". in 2018 I was grateful to have been granted access to set up my studio inside the Park Avenue Armory to shoot during a recent Lenape Pow Wow. I was even more so, honored as this was the FIRST Lenape Pow Wow to be held on the island of Manhatta since the 1700's.


Along with still images below, i share with you two short films i directed. The first,  during this historical Lenape Pow Wow in 2018 and, secondly, an earlier film i shot in Tempe, Arizona in 2010. An ultimate goal of mine is to film each style of sacred dance from as many tribes as i can to create a historical document for natives and non-natives to learn about the history and culture of the original inhabitants of the land we now call The United States.

NATIVE TO THIS LAND  ( 1:52 min ) New York 2018

NATIVE TO THIS LAND  (4:32 min) music by Robbie Robertson - Arizona  2010 


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