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The Newfounds are a family of tiny travelers. I discovered them in 2006 and ever since then they have trusted me as their documentarian and spokes person while they explore the world. In the nearly 16 years we have travelled thousand and thousand of miles, and strangely enough i have yet to pay for a plane ticket for any one of them!  During these travels we have created thousand upon thousand photographs that offer a sense of calm, reflection and peace when viewed. The series remained unseen for over 10 years until The MAD Museum in New York City saw them and awarded us an Artist Residency to focus and expand upon the project. In the residency i began fabricating whimsical sculptural installations for private collections. We have also released two coffee table books sharing their explorations with a wider audience. Volume one's first edition sold out quickly and we have recently released Volume Two   The Newfounds, are very private people, and are almost never seen by the public, COVID provided them a unique opportunity, to explore the city that never sleeps, while it was EMPTY. I took them to experience some of the busiest parts of the city, and they were able to enjoy these iconic spots by themselves. This collection of images became a special portfolio called EMERGE. EMERGE became a book, accompanied a spoken word poem, and became an iconic portfolio unto itself. The portfolio also won many awards for its documentation of this unprecedented times with unique perspective.

THE NEWFOUNDS Archive will soon be released to the public for purchase and collection, but in the meantime have a look at some of my favorite moments below.  

VOLUME ONE book (2nd Edition) PRE ORDER


THE NEWFOUNDS EMERGE shot during the first days of COVID in NYC


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