Christopher M. Lynch


b. 1975 d. not yet

MISTER LYNCH started as an artist...but didn't we all? He just decided to continue the journey and make it

a way of life to share the way he sees and communicates

(just visit his studio and ask him to tell you a story - the one with Justin Timberlake not a bad way to start ) 


“Drawing takes too long” as quoted in an article discussing his career in the arts, “That's when i decided to

teach myself to develop film”, a new medium he would learn to master.

(ask him about his first “darkroom”. Spoiler alert: it was an old janitors closet)


Next year, LYNCH will have been in business for 30 years! Starting as a rock photographer, photographing

over 75 major bands (Another few stories here) But, most his career has been in advertising.


As MISTER LYNCH was finishing college, advertising giant, Young & Rubicam took notice, and recruited him

to head up their first digital photo studio. Twenty two years ago LYNCH was the 3rd person in

the country shooting digitally working with the latest Phase One digital backs.


Lynch continues to work with industry leading brands such as Sony (as a Sony Artisan) HIVE, Rode,

inovativ, Atomos, XRite, Access to these trailblazing brands allows MISTER LYNCH’s productions to provide

the highest quality product in the industry.


At MISTER LYNCH our goal is to

1: Creatively solve your visual needs (ask the Creative Teams we collaborate with)

2: Offer you a stress free production (ask our repeat clients)

3: Create a cost effective budget (ask the Account Executives)

4: and...Have a fun time doing it. (ask Willy Wonka)


As you might understand, there are more stories, 

so call us on the HOTLINE 212-287-1248

Operators are standing by.